Office of Emergency Management
The City of Bastrop Emergency Management Office coordinates emergency response in our area with other local government agencies to provide the earliest warnings and response time as possible for the citizens of Bastrop.

Dial 911 for all EMERGENCIES.
Bastrop Fire Department: 512-332-8670
Bastrop Police Department: 512-332-8600
Bastrop Sheriff's Office: 512-303-1080

Utility Service (After-hours EMERGENCY): 512-332-8830
A City Employee will be dispatched to the location for service. Please provide the call taker with as much information about the problem as possible and a call back telephone number in case it is needed. Links are provided below for emergency education information and emergency news updates. Be familiar with them before an emergency occurs, so that you will know how to protect yourself and be aware of adverse conditions.
City of Bastrop Emergency Management Key Personnel:
 Name & Email  Position  Address  Phone
 Ken Kesselus, Honorable Mayor  Emergency Management Director  1311 Chestnut Street  Office: (512) 332-8800
 Steve Adcock, Chief of Police  Emergency Management Coordinator  104 Grady Tuck Ln  Office: (512) 332-8600
 James Altgelt, Assistant Chief of Police
 Assistant  Emergency Management Coordinator  104 Grady Tuck Ln  Office: (512) 322-8600
 Mike Fisher, EM Coordinator  Emergency Management for Bastrop County  104 Loop 150 W  Office: (512) 581-4022
Emergency Information Updates
Check these links for current news, weather, and safety information.
Emergency Education Information
Plan how to protect yourself and your family in an emergency before one strikes.
  • Severe Weather Emergency Supply Kit
  • When Flood Waters Cover the Road
  • Lightening Safety Tips
  • Safety for Sports during Thunderstorms
  • Tornado Safety for Texans
  • Driving in Adverse Weather Conditions
  • Disaster Services for the Disabled
Emergency Agencies
Local News
Local and State Weather
Flood Plan Information
Be aware of potential flash flooding in your area.
Volunteer Opportunities
Bastrop County American Red Cross Volunteers
Meeting at the Bastrop Public Library, 1100 Church Street,
6:30 pm, on the first Wednesday of the month.
The public is invited. Contact Sharon Johnston at (512) 638-1332.