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New Utility Services
Conditions for New Utility Service
If you have any questions, please call our Utility Customer Service.  Phone Number: (512) 332-8830 or email: utilities@cityofbastrop.org

Applicants must complete a Residential Application for Service or Commercial Application for Service on the City's prescribed form. The application for utility service must be in the legal name of the person requesting utility service. The City requires: 
  • valid identification (such as a current driver's license, passport, Military ID or any State or Government issued ID)
  • Documentation showing that the applicant reserves the right to request utility services Examples of acceptable documentation is the settlement statement, deed, or a legal lease listing the name of applicant and address of requested utility services.  A legal lease must demonstrate all tenants over the age of 18.
  • Water service applicants must also complete a Water Service Agreement at the time of setting utility account.



Bring all documents to our customer service counter or email documents to: utilities@cityofbastrop.org  Application fee and deposit is required upon setting accounts.

Billing Information
  • Bills are due and payable between the 1st and 15th day of each month.
  • After the 15th all delinquent bills incur a 10% penalty that is added to the bill.
  • If the full balance due is not paid in full before the 25th the Customer's account will be subject to disconnection.
  • The City is not responsible for lost or misdirected mail and does not acknowledge postmark date but by date received.
Utility Rates
Rates are normally established at the beginning of each fiscal year and may be amended or modified at any time during the fiscal year. Water, wastewater, solid waste and night light fees are based on rates set by City Ordinance. Electric rates are compiled from a Monthly Customer Charge, Wires Charge and Generation Charge.
Utility Fees*
 New Application for Service Fee  $50.00 billed
 Electric Deposit  $200.00
 Water Deposit  $75.00
 Temporary service  $50.00 (non-refundable)
 Meter Tampering/Theft of Service  Minimum charge of $500.00
 Transfer of Service Fee  $20.00
 Cutoff for Nonpay Fee  $100.00
 Meter Test Fee  $25.00 plus the cost of the meter test

*Additional Fee for requests made after Regular Business Hours
Trip Fees
 Investigation regular business hours  $50.00
 After Hours Investigation  $100.00
 Miscellaneous Service fee  $50.00
 Meter Re-reading fee  $25.00
 Meter Inaccessible fee  $25.00
Information for New Construction
Before beginning your construction you will need to visit each of these offices and pay any applicable fees before setting up the appropriate service deposits.

Planning & Zoning Department: 1311 Chestnut Street,  (512)332-8840 Responsible for inspections, issuing permits and answering questions concerning zoning, city codes and a variety of other issues.

Water & Wastewater Department: 300 Water Street,  (512)332-8960 This department will help you with all tap, impact, acceleration fees and information concerning availability of service.

Bastrop Power & Light: 1209 Linden St (512)332-8900 BP&L can assist with all line extension fees, security lights, temporary meter-loops and information concerning availability of service.

Call before you dig Line locates: 1-800-245-4545
Pet Ordinance

Pet Parents please remember the 3 R’s of owning an animal in the City of Bastrop:

  • Rabies -Dogs and cats over 3 months old must be current on their rabies vaccination.
  • Registration- All dogs over 3 months old residing within the city limits must be registered with the City of Bastrop
  • Respect- Dogs cannot be chained. They also need nutritious food, clean water, and a warm shelter at all times.

You can register your dog at the Bastrop Police Department or the City of Bastrop Utilities Department. Registration is $25 yearly for an unfixed dog or a $5 lifetime registration if the dog is fixed. You must provided proof of rabies vaccination to register your dog with the city. Click here for more information.
For questions about pet ownership in Bastrop, please call Animal Services at (512) 332-8600.

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